Reaching your goals is our goal

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The Sanchez Wealth Management Difference

As our clients advance through various stages of life, they aim to achieve important goals to accumulate wealth. These stages of life can be intricate, and require solutions to difficult financial problems. Sanchez Wealth Management is dedicated to serving you to help manage the complexity of wealth and create a defined path to reach your goals. We provide:

A Disciplined Process to Obtain Goals for Success

  • Defined and organized processes keep you on track to meet goals and objectives
  • Team of professionals follow routine procedures to identify where clients are headed
  • Integrations of various wealth management components are integrated to cover all areas within your financial life

Superior Client Service

  • Dedicated team offering access when you need it
  • Ongoing communication to keep you informed
  • Personalized relationships with our team are built upon trust, loyalty, and honesty

Team of Experienced Professionals in the Business

  • Over 25 years’ experience in financial planning
  • Simplified guidance on complex financial topics
  • A network of professionals are committed to meet your various wealth management needs

Who We Best Serve

Many of our clients are at a similar stage in life. We believe our financial expertise, service model, and philosophy differentiates us and the unique individuals we serve.

Our clients often have the following things in common:
  • • Age 60+
  • • Plan to retire within 2 years, or are retired
  • • Seek our advice when faced with life events such as retirement, inheritance, sale of home and/or rental, sale of business, or death of a spouse
  • • Commit to build a lifelong relationship with a team who cares about you
  • • Possess a $250,000 net worth, with a $50,000 account minimum
  • • Have a philanthropist spirit and want to give back to our community
  • • Have defined goals (life, retirement, and income goals)