The Jon Sanchez Show

For over 15 years Reno investment advisor Jon Sanchez has built a loyal following of radio listeners both locally and around the world. He has a passion and talent for taking the very complicated world of Wall Street and making it an understandable place for Main Street.

With 23 years of Wall Street experience, Jon guides his daily audience through the maze of current events that can influence an investor’s portfolio. His style is very simple — to educate his audience. Jon’s passion is to make his audience knowledgeable so that they can make informed, educated decisions for their families.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Jon’s team, Wealth Advisors, joins him on air. This team is comprised of real estate broker Cory Edge of Edge Realty and mortgage banker/branch manager Dwight Millard of Academy Mortgage.

The show focuses on local and national real estate issues that may impact your real estate decisions. Listen to The Jon Sanchez Show every Monday through Friday, live and local, either online at or on the radio at 780 AM in the greater Northern Nevada area.

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