If The Business Isn’t Growing, It’s Dying: How to Grow an Existing Business in a Challenging Environment

You’ve heard the old adage “if the business isn’t growing, it’s dying.” In today’s environment many business owners become frustrated trying to grow their business as they face rising payroll costs, economic uncertainties, and seasonal slow-downs. Here’s my advice: go back to the business basics. Many successful professional athletes go back to training camp to… Read More

9 Point Plan for Home Equity

There are many wise and unwise uses for home equity. In recent years, it has become more common for homeowners to have a tremendous amount of equity or even have their home paid off. One option available to these homeowners is to take out a HELOC, or a Home Equity Line of Credit. I must… Read More

Women in Retirement

#WealthIsMoreThanMoney: In case you missed Jon’s latest TV segment, watch to learn how #women in #retirement can best prepare for the reality of living longer and managing the household finances.
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