Seeing you through the bull and the bear

Our Investment Strategy

Our model portfolios are designed and managed so that regardless of market or economic conditions, we can make a rapid switch from one portfolio to another. In most cases, we have the ability to move 100% of the portfolio to cash if market conditions dictate. Please contact us to discuss what portfolio meets your retirement needs.

The Bull & Bear Strategy

The Bull & Bear Strategy is designed for the client looking to reduce exposure to assets correlated with market fluctuation. It is our aim to provide principal protection, potentially up to 70% of your assets, while also participating in growth and income with remaining assets.

Investment Style

When deciding whom to hire to manage your stock market assets, you should ask what their investment style is.

There are two primary styles utilized by portfolio managers. The first being strategic. This style is better known as "buy and hold." The second style is tactical. This style is known as "active portfolio management."

SWM is a tactical manager. We believe that in today's ever-changing world, portfolio holdings and models need to change as market and economic conditions change. This is NOT day trading, but active management.

Our managed portfolio clients are charged an annual management fee, NOT commissions, therefore, there is no conflict of interest. Our sole objective is to strive for an annual return that is commensurate with the goals, risk and time horizon of the client.